Top Five De-clutter Tips - November

5 Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving  
ThanksgivingClients tell me: I need to simplify! I want things to be easier! The holidays are coming and I'm already stressed! No worries my friends!! The solution is for creating an easy Thanksgiving day is right here. It begins with a desire for simplicity and concludes with a stress-free day. The key is to plan ahead and to think about how to plan the day, before the day arrives.  
  1. Travel plans. You should have made them by now, or at least decided how you will be traveling. Flight reservations should be marked on your calendar with a list of items you will need to bring. Maybe you have a long drive ahead of you and need to get the car's oil changed and general inspection done before your journey. If you are staying at home and need to pick up relatives and friends from the airport, write down their flight number and when they are scheduled to arrive. Be sure to check flight updates the day of arrival periodically in case of delayed or missed flights.

  2. Decide what tasks you can do beforehand. Cleaning and decorating should not be done on Thanksgiving Day. Save time by doing this earlier in the week. Consider deciding what you and the children are wearing the night before Thanksgiving to save time.

  3. Finish your normal, daily/weekly "To-Do List" before the holiday season starts. Have your children do the same so the whole family can enjoy the holiday together without worrying about deadlines and home/work.

  4. Schedule grocery shopping and prep work. Do you have the recipes of the food you want to prepare? Are you hosting or are you celebrating at someone else's house? If you are celebrating at someone else's house, are you bringing a dish? Make a list of all the ingredients you need. Cross out ingredients you have in your house (make sure to check that there is enough). Now that you know what the remaining items are, you can begin your grocery trip.

  5. Create an itinerary of your Thanksgiving. Map out your day with a timeline, leaving room between events in case things go over the allotted time you gave yourself. Make sure to schedule time to relax with family and reflect what you are thankful for this year.

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